T & C for rental material

Supplementary terms and conditions for the rental of orchestral parts

1. Rental material (orchestral parts) is provided to the customer for temporary use for a fee. In addition to the agreed usage fee, there are no other fees unless otherwise agreed. The materials can be used as often as required.

2. At the end of use, the customer has to send the complete material back to the publisher at his own expense. The return must be made by insured shipping according to value and mandatory with proof of delivery from the carrier.

3. The customer is granted a period of use of four months. Freight times are not added to the deadline. An extension of the deadline is possible after consultation. An additional 20% of the rental fee is payable each month.

4. The customer undertakes not to make any copies, transcripts or digital copies of the material. He undertakes this obligation under civil law; it exists regardless of the copyright and competition protection status of the materials provided.

5. The customer undertakes to treat the rental materials with care. Remarks are only allowed with a soft pencil. After use, all remarks must be removed. The materials must be handed over in a condition that allows the publisher to rent them out without any effort.

6. Lost parts or parts that can no longer be used in accordance with Section 5 will be reprinted by the publisher. For this, the publisher charges 0.90 euros per page.

7. These conditions apply in addition to the general terms and conditions. The place of jurisdiction is Langen (Lower Saxony, Germany). German law applies exclusively.

As of April 10, 2018

[This translation is for informational purposes only. The German language version is legally authoritative.]


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