What do B-Note music publishers deliver?

We mainly deliver our own catalog of around 3.500 titles. In addition, we are also connected to the wholesale and like to procure also editions of almost all other publishers worldwide. In addition, we are specialising in archival research. We are happy to assist you in your search for rare, out-of-print or (still) unknown works. Just ask us: support@bnote.de

To whom does B-Note deliver?

We deliver to end customers in almost all countries of the world and also to the wholesale and retail trade (online retailers, sheet music shops, bookstores). Resellers can contact us at haendler@bnote.de .

How does it work if I buy digital editions?

At B-Note, many issues are also available digitally. This means that you buy a file that you can print out yourself. The file is available immediately after purchase. To do this, please log in and go to "My account" at the top right. There you will find the section "My downloads" on the left. If you click on it, the list of purchased online editions appears with the links to the download.

They offer numerous reprints. Is that really legal?

Yes, in any case. We check the copyright status of any issues before publishing it. If necessary, we acquire the necessary rights of the origin publishers. Otherwise, the contents of the issues are in the public domain, that means: 70 years after the death of all authors involved (composers, copywriters, editors, translators), the issues can be reprinted without the permission of the first publisher. The widespread assumption that music notes in principle can not be copied or reprinted is wrong. The actually existing prohibition (in german law) applies only to issues whose content is still protected by copyright.

Are there discounts on B-Note if we buy many equal issues?

As a music publisher, we are also bound by the german Book Price Binding Act. This means that we must not negotiate prices, they are universally valid. For some choral editions, however, we offer quantity scales that are not displayed on all article pages. If you want to order in choir strength, please contact us. In addition, we can produce special editions, for which special prices apply. Please contact us!

I'm looking for a specific work that exists digitally, as a printed edition. Can B-Note help?

Yes. We are constantly expanding our repertoire, many editions base on digital archives. If you've ever found a digital edition that is public domain, please feel free to ask us if we would like to publish this work as a printed issue. A customer request often makes the decision to include a specific work in the catalog.

I composed something myself. Can you publish it?

Unfortunately, no. We do not sign contemporary works because our publishing infrastructure is not geared to that. The exploitation of rights and the marketing to make new works known, are too time-consuming. All exceptions to this principle are invariably self-initiated by us.

I composed something myself. Can you print it?

Yes. Composers, choirs, orchestras and other institutions like to use our technical infrastructure to make their own prints or editions. We have printing presses specialized in note printing and suitable high-quality papers, which we also use for third-party productions. Ask us.

I'm looking for jobs in a music publishing firm. Whom can I contact?

Thanks for your interest. As a very small publishing house, we are not looking for permanent or freelance employees in the medium term. We are a solid and very well-rehearsed team of owners, publishers and engravers and are thus complete in terms of personnel.

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