Franck: L’Organiste (Original version)

Franck: L’Organiste (Original version)
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„L‘Organiste“ is one of César Franck‘s latest compositions – he died while working on this... more
Franck: L’Organiste (Original version)
„L‘Organiste“ is one of César Franck‘s latest compositions – he died while working on this collections and could finish only 59 of the 93 projected pieces. Franck wrote „L‘Organiste“ explicitly for the french orgue-harmonium, although many of the pieces can be performed on the organ as well. Charles Tournemire, who admired César Franck, published a new edition of „L‘Organiste“. He modified especially the registration instructions into the new spirit of his time. These modifications has not been marked in the new edition – but they changed the musical expression of many pieces. The Tournemire edition is the standard and most sold edition until today. „L‘Organiste 2“ is also available – but this collection has no relation to Franck‘s original work. It has rather been assembled out of several unpublished works posthumously This re-edition of César Franck‘s original version shall bring back the original sound and intention of the composer especially to the harmonium players.
Author / Composer: César Franck (1822-1890)
Country: France
Era: Romantic era
Instruments: Organ, Harmonium, Organ (manuals only)
Genre: Solo piece
Kind of edition: Performing sheet music
Source: Allowed reprint
First edition: ca. 1892, Enoch, Paris
Pages: 118
Format: A4 portrait, spiral bound
Condition: Good condition
Online ressources: PDF sample, Digital specimen
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